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28 May 2013 - About Us
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Circ's'cool is the leading aerial circus school in Tasmania, founded in 2007 by Jim Carroll and Schantal Kathriner, to find an outlet for their love of performing and to teach circus to the local community. Schantal Kathriner is from a long line of circus performers from Europe. She is a 6th generation circus performer, with heaps of amazing tricks and experience in various circus acts. With this extensive background as a performer, she is an excellent teacher with a broad range of skills to pass on to students of all ages. Jim Carroll, born right here in Launceston, ran away to the circus when he was young and has been involved in performing and teaching circus skills for the past 17 years. He returned to Tasmania to start a family and start teaching the skills he learned during his time in the circus. The aim of Circ's'cool is to make circus fun and exciting, while building and improving important skills like coordination, balance, self-esteem, confidence and fitness.  Circ's'cool is a great way to challenge yourself with a wide range of circus classes available to all age and abilities.    read more...


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